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  • Full Name
  • Complete Mailing address
  • Whether you wish to pay CAN$10.00 annually or purchase the lifetime membership for CAN$100.00 (for those over 55 years of age)
  • Optional Information:
    • Phone number
    • Email Address
    • A short story detailing your affiliation with CFB Chilliwack.

If you do not have access to Email, you can submit this information by mail to:

Benefits of Membership

A paid up member in good standing will receive a membership card and a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws. Members are also eligible to vote at the Annual Meetings and all General Meetings. Members in good standing may become Table Officers and/or Directors.

Membership Facts

The CFBCHS has members worldwide, from as far away as France, Korea and China.

If you are a member and would like to receive a list of active members, please send a request to Jim Harris via mail or Email at the addresses listed on this page. You will then receive the list following verification of your own membership.